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Anti-Reflective Coatings

It has taken years, but the continued education of the consumer by eye care professionals has moved anti-reflective lenses from the realm of "occasional option" to a "must have". Our in-house AR system provides your patients with a premium quality anti-reflective lens while allowing us greater control over scheduling and quality control. 

Our no-glare AR lenses provide your patients with clear vision, advanced cleanability, and improved durability. UV and blue light protection are available in the array of lenses we provide. For more on specific features. see the description of our individual house brands below.


Reduces Glare, 100% UV Protection, Scratch Resistant


Reduces Glare, 100% UV Protection, Scratch Resistant, Hydrophobic


Reduces Glare, Filters Harmful Blue-Violet HEV Light (up to 17%) , 100% UV Protection, Anti-Static, Super Hydrohobic, Scratch Resistant